We have new and pre-owned vehicles with comprehensive warranty, in-house financing and 24-hour credit approvals. No credit applications refused! At Bayview Motors, your new car purchase is only the beginning...

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Our Sales Team will assist you with purchases, trade-ins, fleet upgrades or replacements and reselling your used car.

New Vehicles

Our Sales Department is dedicated to assisting in the serious decisions associated with the purchase of a new vehicle. There many factors associated in deciding including cost, quality, configuration and warranties, which can be a logistical dilemma for anyone. Bayview Motors offers a diverse cross section of models with some of the most respected brands of vehicles in the world. We provide products to suit your budget and needs. When you purchase a new vehicle from Bayview Motors, you receive a factory warranty for up to 3 years and 50,000 miles depending on the model, and backed by our quality Service Department.

Pre-Owned Vehicles

We carry a complete line of pre-owned vehicles, in great condition and with low mileage. All of our pre-owned vehicles are rigorously checked and certified by our Service Department to an exacting standard. At Bayview Motors, we take the pain out of used car decisions and the worries out of aftercare and service.


Bayview Motors offers a leasing plan on selected models, affording you an additional avenue for you to acquire a vehicle for contract workers, short term employees or even for yourself. Bayview Motors is also agent for Avis Rent A Car. We are prepared to offer you corporate rates, short or long term, on our fleet of brand new vehicles for visiting executives, business associates or friends and family.

Corporate Program

As a Corporate Customer, your vehicle and all your repairs and service are maintained on our Computerized Automotive Management System. This includes full details of all your vehicles and their mileage. With this tool you can track total cost of operating your vehicles right down to the cost per mile, thereby giving you the ability to decide when your vehicle maintenance is becoming too costly. This also enables you to schedule your routine maintenance by miles or elapsed time. As a Corporate Customer you will receive:

  • Fleet discounts on parts and labor on selected procedures
  • Priority service when you need emergency work
  • Fleet discounts on new car purchases
  • Maintenance cost tracking per vehicle

You can include any vehicle in our program, whether company or personal. Reap the benefits of being a Bayview Motors Corporate Customer today!

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